answers to weight loss questions

Answers To Weight Loss Questions

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Add up how many points you get for each answer:

1. Do you have a good personal incentive to lose weight?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 points

A good personal incentive (the more selfish the better) gives you a huge advantage.

2. Are you content to lose an average of 1.5-2 pounds per week?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point

Impatience is a diet-killer. Besides, it takes time to learn good eating habits. These are two reasons why being content with steady weight loss gives you a definite edge.

3. Are you easily distracted by commercials or friends who tell you about “quick” ways to lose weight?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point

Being distracted by the hope of a quick-fix will play havoc with your motivation, especially if weight loss slows. Truth is, there are no quick-fixes.

4. When dieting, do you aim to be “perfect”?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point

Trying to be perfect inevitably leads to huge disappointment when things go wrong. Better to accept you are human from the start, as this reduces disappointment and lets you bounce back more easily.

5. Are you aiming for a specific weight?
(a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

Always aim for a specific target weight. For example, if you are 200 pounds and aim to lose “about 50 pounds”, then set 190 pounds as your first target. (Then 180, 170 etc.)

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6. Do you expect to have “bad weeks”?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point

All dieters (without exception) have bad weeks. Expecting them makes it easier to plan what to do when they happen. If you think everything is going to go smoothly, the shock of a bad week can cause meltdown!

7. When dieting, how often do you weigh yourself?
(a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

Don’t waste nervous energy watching the scales. Daily weighing encourages a short-term attitude to weight loss which (in my experience) is a recipe for disaster.

8. How important is breakfast to you?
(a) 2 points (b) 3 points (c) 1 point

Surveys always show that dieters who miss breakfast lose less weight.

9. Which statement do you most agree with?
(a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

Food is not your enemy, hunger is. People who fall into temptation aren’t those with a full stomach, they are the people who let themselves go hungry. If necessary, eat too much rather than too little. Remember, hunger kills diets!

10. Have you got a specific plan for when you have a “bad week”?
(a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

Having an “Emergency Plan” for what to do when you have a “bad weekend” or a “bad week” gives you a real advantage. It gives you a great feeling of staying in control, helps you forget the disaster and allows you to get back on track. Most dieters have no plan, so after a disaster they sit around feeling depressed and helpless.

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11. How willing are you to make time for exercise?
(a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

Exercise is crucial for many reasons. Above all, it improves our feelgood factor.

12. When dieting how long do you go without eating something?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point

The longer you go without food, the greater the risk of hunger, cravings and mood swings. Remember, hunger kills diets!

13. How do you feel after (say) a disastrous weekend of overeating?
(a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points

Along with hunger, guilt-after-bingeing is a huge diet-killer. Eat whatever you like, just DON’T feel guilty. It’s the guilt (not the initial binge) that does the damage.

14. Why are you trying to lose weight?
(a) 1 point (b) 1 point (c) 3 points (d) 1 point (e) 1 point

Only one correct answer here. Incentive is crucial.

15. Before dieting, do you take measurements of your chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs?
(a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point

Always take your measurements before you start dieting. Because if one week you lose no weight, you may still lose inches – which gives you another chance of achieving some success. And being successful helps to maintain our motivation.

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16. What do you do when you feel hungry after eating your daily food allowance?
(a) 1 point (b) 3 points (c) 1 points

Weight loss success is all about avoiding hunger.

17. Which statement do you most agree with?
(a) 1 point (b) 3 points (c) 2 points

Willpower and calorie-control each have a role to play, but self-respect is what drives us. If you don’t think that you are important, you won’t make an effort to truly lift yourself and thus achieve your goals.

18. How do you feel when you start a new diet program?
(a) 3 points (b) 1 point (c) 1 point

Don’t waste effort trying to be perfect. Instead, expect to make mistakes then learn from them. We learn from our mistakes, not our successes!

19. When dieting, how do you feel when you see others eating your favorite foods?
(a) 1 point (b) 1 point (c) 3 points (d) 3 points

If you have a full stomach, or a desire for more than just a plateful of fatty/sugary food, your chances of success are much improved.

20. Being realistic, how likely are you to achieve your weight loss goal?
(a) 1 point (b) 1 point (c) 3 points (d) 1 point (e) 1 point

Only one answer here. If you have incentive and support, everything becomes easier.