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Anne, …you have completely changed my view of vegetarian eating. Your diet is so amazingly simple with hardly a piece of tofu in sight!! I’m down 10 pounds after one month and I just LOVE your meal plans. I’ve told all my friends and two have already joined…
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Anne, …down 3 pounds again… your diet tips are totally awesome… why can’t other people create friendly veggie diets like yours?

I’m just writing to say how much I am totally loving your diet. It is the most enjoyable diet I have ever been on (and I’ve been on heaps). I love the variety and the great recipes. As I am a working Mum, I love the speed at which the meals can be prepared and cooked. Yet, they all look like restaurant quality meals. I feel like a chef.

…most diets do not accomodate vegetarians very well…this one does! I follow the guidelines more than strictly eating exactly what’s on the meal plan. I find it REALLY helpful, though, that at any time I can just pull a meal off the menu plan…I do that quite a lot. I’ve been on it for a little over 2 weeks and have lost 7 and 1/2 pounds as of this morning. This is really great…I finally broke that LONG plateau when I started this diet.

This morning 219.5. Down 5.5 pounds.

Anne, the meals on the Veggie Diet are sooooooooooo good and so easy. I just wish I had found this site before now. Even my husband (who loves meat) had the Bean Tacos with Sour Cream and Salsa and loved it!!!! That’s a first in our house, so thanks Anne!

It’s amazing how natural it’s beginning to feel to eat this way. I’ve been on the Vegetarian quickstart diet for four weeks and lost 9 lbs in total, which is cause for celebrations!

I love this site and your diets. I have been on the quick start vegetarian for a 6 weeks and I have lost over 10 pounds. I am now 137 pounds and would like to get down to 125 pounds, a number which thanks to you no longer seems like a dream but rather an achievable reality. I’ll let you know when I lose the next 10!!!!

I started to get worried about my nightly meal for this Sat, then I see day 8 is Pizza (as I usually have takeaway)- Yeehaa. You are a genius. When I get a bit of time, I will pop into some vegetarian and diet forums and spread the word.

I have lost 1.5 kilograms in only 5 days!!! My stubborn fat is going. I haven’t been this weight for months. My blood sugars feel more stable (I have had hypoglycemia for years). I seem to be having less dramatic drops in my blood sugar as a result of the changed diet, so my moods are greatly improved. Also, when I finish a meal, instead of feeling hungry or full and bloated, I feel totally satisfied. I also LOVE saving a salad, yoghurt and nice cup of fruit until the evening, as that is the time I really need to eat and nibble. It does not feel like a diet, instead a feast. Thanks a million.