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Anne, I had a cholesterol screening yesterday at Fred Meyer pharmacy. Blood is from a finger poke vs. a blood draw but the technician said accuracy is within a few points. Since starting the cholesterol lowering diet 11 weeks ago: total cholesterol, down 39 points to 197; triglicerides, down 28; HDL about the same; LDL, down 29 points with a total cholesterol/HDL ratio of 3.8 instead of 4.14. I’m delighted with my progress.
(Post on AC Forum from “May183”)


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“Not long ago I was on blood pressure medication, thyroid meds, and 2 inhalers… In Jan 2005 I started Anne Collins cholesterol lowering diet and joined her weight loss chat forum. By May I had lost 40 pounds and my cholesterol dropped 70 points. In October I reached my goal of 130. My doctor had lowered my thyroid medication by half. I also have my cholesterol under control without meds. I no longer need blood pressure pills… I no longer have to use a laxative every night. I no longer have to use my inhalers. As you can see, Anne Collins has had a big impact on my life…
(Post on AC Forum by “Marty”, aged 65, from Alabama, lost 57 pounds – see Pictures)

“I started on the cholesterol diet in Nov 2004. I got a letter from my doctor with my physical results and my cholesterol has changed dramatically…

Overall: 188 (was over 260)
HDL: 36 (still needs some work)
LDL: 127 (was over 150)
Triglycerides: 124!! (was over 300!)

That is amazing considering my family history of terrible cholesterol.”

(Post on AC Forum by “Escape”)

“Anne, Just a note to let you know that my husband just had his cholesterol rechecked. It dropped from 279 to 208. We have been following your weight loss diet carefully since mid-June. I have passed your website to several friends. Thank you so much!”
Email from Renee (New Jersey)

“Dear Anne
I’ve been meaning to send you a progress report but I only found time this morning! My doctor is extremely pleased with my progress so far. My LDL is down from 155 to 121; triglycerides down to 119 from 180 and total down from 250 to 195. As far as my weight goes, I’m down 27 pounds and I must admit I do feel very much better. Yesterday I walked 3 miles and still I felt as though I could go on and on! I told my doctor all about your program and showed her what I was eating, and she was extremely impressed… So all in all, I’m very satisfied with how I’m doing.”
(Email to Anne Collins)

…my doctor called me personally at work to tell me that I won’t have to take cholesterol meds. My LDL was 164. It is now 104!”
(PM to Anne Collins)

“I have lost 60 pounds as of today. I`m on thyroid medicine, I was on prednisone which made me gain weight, but on this diet [cholesterol lowering diet] I started losing even though I was on both medications.
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“I joined over a year ago. I lost about 20 pounds last year. I wasn’t in a race. But I went down 55 points in cholesterol. Wow! I never knew one could do that so easily by diet! I like everything about this program. Many of the people on the forum are a lot like me, with families and friends and jobs that they talk about. We have a few bulges, stuff like that. I think that Anne’s attitude is just the best thing. She doesn’t require perfection. It’s more like a learning experience. But then it WORKS!”
(Post on AC Forum from “Georgia”)

“I started this diet four months ago motivated to lower a 261 cholestrol level. The plan at that time was to be good for three months and see where it got me. Its been four months of healthier eating, and some of it is starting to become habit. This time I think the pounds are gone for good! This make 30 pounds in less than 4 months. But hear this… my Cholesterol Count over the past few months has dropped from 261 to 204. I am so thrilled…”
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When I first joined your diet, I weighed 151.5 pounds… I’m now at 131 pounds; officially 20 pounds lighter than when I started. My cholesterol dropped 78 points, and my doctor is no longer threatening to make me start taking drugs to reduce it. I’m happily maintaining my current weight and having no trouble with that…”
Email from Nancy (Pennsylvania)

“Since my husband started Anne’s diet 10 weeks ago, he has lost 28 pounds and his cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically. I can’t believe it and neither can he!”
Email from Betty (UK) describing her husband Tom, aged 48, who lost 28 pounds accompanied by a significant drop in cholesterol levels.