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Anne, (sound of me jumping for joy!) Your 10-min meals plan is divine! Down 4 pounds again – for a total loss of 27.5 pounds in three months. It’s teaching me so much about time saving in the kitchen. If only I had discovered you 5 years ago!

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This 10-minute meal diet is so good. Dare I say I actually feel in control of things! I’m losing weight and I feel so liberated!!

After my first official week on the “10 Minute Meals” diet I am down 5 pounds. I am very very pleased! This diet is easy to follow for overworked programmers and other busy folk who have no time to cook. I just love it!

I’m finding the attitude shift you advocate has made it not feel like DIETING. I don’t choose to call this a diet, with all of that word’s negative associations with deprivation, sacrifice and hunger. I prefer to think of this as a healthy eating plan. This isn’t a DIET, which I will be on for a while and then stop using once I reach my goal weight — it’s an education in making responsible food and health choices. The 10-Minute Meal Plan fits perfectly with my lifestyle.

Can’t stay long, but just wanted to say that I am down 3.2 pounds this week! Yay! My current weight is 145.8.

Down again! I still do a double-take when I get on the scales each week – I can’t believe the weight is just going!

I’m a new member but I have been eating healthily on the 10 Minute Meal Diet and exercising for the last 2 weeks. I started 2 weeks ago on 82kg and I think that was my heaviest of all time. Last week showed a good start with 3kgs off to 79, and this week down to 78kgs.

I know it’ll all slow down to 1 kilo every 2 or even 3 weeks, but as long as I try my best then I know I can do it….

Lost 3 pounds this week, and know I need to work at being patient and I am trying to learn not to set unrealistic goals. That’s 26 pounds in 8 weeks for me.

Well, another week and another 2 pounds gone! I just love it. I think I’m feeling the melt. I just hope it keeps going for several months. Down 25 pounds in 6 weeks

I finally started last Monday. I cooked alot of food and prepared all meals before hand. I made sure that I had the good tasty snacks. But most importantly, I decided to keep a journal. I tracked each and every single crumb that went into my mouth. The payoff was a loss of 5.5 pounds

So Excited! I am down 3.5 pounds this week! I just love it… As a wonderful reward for passing the 25 lb mark, I get a new pair of athletic shoes to exercise in. I am being really consistent with my exercise and I have been writing down everything that goes into my mouth (which I NEVER thought I’d do). I really feel good and believe I’ll reach my goal weight sooner than planned.

unbelievable…. down another 1 kg. Very surprised as I have gone a bit off the rails, but I think off the rails now is a lot less naughty than it was a month ago! Anne’s diets certainly make this easier. Thanks Anne!!!

I am please and excited to report another 3 pounds down – 11 pounds total this month! I know it can’t keep up like it has, and will likely slow down until I can get exercising, but I am just so happy that the scale is going in the right direction. The 10 Minute Meals recipes are so quick and easy I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this before!!! Thanks Anne!!!