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Ann Diet For Life (UK)

Ann Diet for Life (UK) is a healthy, low-fat slimming plan for British dieters that includes over 80 easy main meal recipes for all the family to enjoy. It includes meals for one/two or four people and a great range of recipes for soups, desserts and fruit smoothies. Also includes advice on how to read labels, shopping and eating out. The ideal diet to maintain good health and a slim shape for life.

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Diet For Life (UK): Contents

This is a balanced slimming plan you can follow for LIFE. It provides a choice of easy breakfasts, lunches, easy main meals and desserts - plus snacks. In addition, it contains a suggested 14-day menu to get you started.

This Diet for Life provides about 1300 calories per day, which you can increase easily to 2000+ calories, depending on your weight and gender, by adding snacks from the wide snack-list. The diet contains plenty of healthy carbohydrates, is low in fat-content and moderate in protein. Designed to help you normalize your weight, it offers slower, steady weight reduction rather than fast weight-loss.

As well as a HUGE range of easy recipes, it includes information on fat, calories and cholesterol, plus GUIDELINES for SENSIBLE EATING FOR LIFE.

This is an Ideal Weight Loss Plan For...

This diet is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about healthy eating, and who needs an easy slimming plan to normalize their weight in a gradual way.

Achieving Your Weight Loss Target

You can follow the Diet for Life indefinitely. Or, you may switch to another plan, like the No-Nonsense Balanced Diet (UK).

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