Roulette Surrender Rule


Play Roulette the right way

As a roulette player, you need to pay attention to outside betting roulette; we need to pay attention to the roulette practices. These practices were designed by casinos who are hoping to provide players with a second chance to gain from even-money outside bets, in case the winning number is a double zero or a single zero. Some players might say “well, casinos don’t have anything to do with giving out money, after all, they are not NGO organizations,” or “what could this second chance be?” of course, such specific rule exists, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Just as we’ve already discussed earlier, when a player places outside bets, he or she may dispose of either 2 or 1, or sometimes even-money playoffs. The rule is valid only for all outside bets, one that pays even money – bets on low or high numbers, bets on colour, bets on even or odd numbers.

It’s time to note that the rule comes in three unique variations, but it all depends on the wheel and the region used. These are variations known under the following titles “surrender,” “en prison,” and “le partage.”

La Partage

First of the three variations is used in the United Kingdom. It has certain similarities with the “en prison” variation.

Now, imagine a player made an even-money outside bet. The “Le Partage” rule comes to play automatically when a single zero is spun. The even-money bet will then be divided by two automatically. This way, half of the chance will be recovered to the player, then the other half will be surrendered to the house.

En Prison

En prison, on the other hand, is only valid for the French roulette wheel. So, what does the rule postulate? If a player places an outside bet. However, the single zero turns out to win; the player has two options to pick from – the two options include losing 50% of the player’s bet. Or to let them total bet be “imprisoned” while the next ball spins.

What does “imprisoned” mean? It means the player’s chips will be left standing during the next spin. But in case the outside bet wins, the player gets to keep the original wager. But when the bet loses, it will be given to the house.

The extra complications.

There are few casinos with the complicated version of the rule. In a situation where two single zeros follow each other sequentially during the next spin, the play will have three options to pick from – to win the bet, to lose the chance, or to leave the bet for extra wheel spins.


The last variation is widely used at casinos in locations such as Atlantic City and is only valid for the American roulette wheels. It’s quite similar to the “Le Partage” rule. The only difference is that it comes into effect when the winning number is eighter the double zero, or the single zero. By applying the “surrender” rule, the house advantage is reduced to 2.63% from 5.26% for all the even-money outside bets.