Cleopatra Slot Machine


The Overview

Cleopatra slot is created and designed by big gaming developers IGT (fully known as International Gaming Technology). The game provider is known for creating and distributing slots software for both land-based and online casinos worldwide. The come is also one of the world leaders in manufacturing and designing gaming systems and casino games. Cleopatra slots game has become so popular that a sequel was created, which is also the Cleopatra II slot machine.

The game is based on the beautiful and enchanting Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, and the game incorporates lots of Egyptian culture in the gameplay. Those willing to have their hands at slots will want to play this exciting and exciting video slot game.

Overview and The different Options

The Cleopatra slots game is inspired by the traditional slots machine founded in conventional casinos. The vast difference between the regular slots and Cleopatra slots is that it is equipped with five reels instead of three reels. The game is also created so that the company has provided the game with a feature that adds to the player interactivity during gameplay. The Cleopatra has twenty pay lines for slots players to place bets, and each coin drops into the game will activate a particular pay line.

The min bet that you can wager is one penny, and the max bet can only rise to $10 per day line—the normal betting range between $0.10 to $5. There are also opportunities for players to win up to 10 000 credits as this the slots game’s maxed payout amount for pay lines triggered.

The gameplay is unique thanks to the many elements it features, such as the language and music symbols. To add to this, a seductive voice that is interpreted to be the voice of Egypt’s most enchanting Queen will keep you fixated on the game for lots of hours. The combo of the Queen’s fame, coupled with the intense graphics and animation, has cemented the game’s name amongst the list of some of the best slots game out there.

The game thrives best because it takes a lot of imagery from the Egyptian culture and the basic gameplay. The symbols on the separate reels are all elements from the culture, such as the mythological Sphinx, the beetles, and various hieroglyphics, linked with Egypt. However, the face cards on the reels are represented by similar lettering, which is not a drawback or a benefit to the slot game. It does include the authenticity of the game by adding the elements of conventional slots.

Cleopatra is a famous slot that is not going anywhere. Many slots players will enjoy a few spins to get a feel of that ever-flowing nostalgic emotions. The game’s design is quite solid through its remains uninspiring, and the most disappointing pat the oversimplified gameplay – Don’t get me wrong, by all means, slots players, just like any other game players love it when a game’s overall gameplay is simplified, however, there has to be a line between simplicity and downright creative fatigue.