Special Diets To Treat Health Conditions
How Dietary Treatment Can Reduce Symptoms of Ill-Health and Disease

Special Diets

Bookmark this page for diet advice, sample diet-plans and food menus for a range of specific health conditions, such as heart diseasecandidadiverticular diseasegluten intolerancelactose intoleranceIBSfibromyalgia and others. Although diet is not typically the main cause of these disorders, symptoms may invariably be improved by eating the correct foods and avoiding those food types that aggravate the condition.


Candida is a yeast infestation. The species most often involved is Candida albicans, and the infection is known as candidiasis. The purpose of a candida reduction diet is to eliminate those foods that “feed” the yeast infestation, by rigid adherence to a “restricted foods list.” The duration of the diet is typically determined by the history and severity of the symptoms and overall health.

Diverticular Disease

A low-fiber diet is considered to be the main cause of diverticular problems. First diagnosed in the United States in the early 1900s, and now common throughout developed countries, the emergence of diverticular disease coincided with the introduction of low-fiber processed foods (eg. branless refined flour).